About us

About Violence Prevention Network

Over the last 20 years, we have worked with over 2,000 cases of Islamist and Right-Wing extremist radicalisation in and out of Germany’s prison to change violent behaviour and extremist mindsets.

In addition to this work directly with violent individuals, we have supported and trained hundreds of professionals and practitioners throughout the EU, US, and the rest of the world in our best-in-class prevention approaches. We have helped public authorities, prison and probation services, police and security actors, teachers, and civil society practitioners to prevent and counter violence in their local contexts.

The VPN Academy makes this training and support more accessible to more professionals.

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Our expertise

We are one of Europe’s leading practitioner hubs in the field of violence prevention. We employ over 120 experts and work internationally.

Our Social Diagnostics Toolkit is a unique case management process that facilitates targeted cooperation between security and non-security stakeholders. It has been externally evaluated as effective.

We have partnered with tech platforms, UN agencies, and top universities to deliver training and build solutions to violent extremism. Our training has delivered impact in several countries and regions, e.g. across Asia and Africa.

Your needs

We support practitioners and professionals globally with the skills they need to safeguard vulnerable individuals, respond to crises, and prevent harm.

We distil decades of experience from practice, research, and policy to make this expertise accessible to professionals.

Teachers, prison officers, social workers, and businesses come to us for help on understanding and preventing violence.

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